My 2020 Holiday Season & Why I am Glad It’s Over

I have been going like a mad woman since October. Seriously. It has been such a contrast to my ’19 holiday season when I was pregnant, sick, and tired. I am a fervent believer that it one should not be constantly on the go. In fact I try not to leave my house more than twice a week unless absolutely necessary. Maybe it’s the season of life I am in with a baby and a toddler. Maybe it’s my personality. Whatever. But there are occasions in life where we don’t get our way and we have to meet the demands of our situations.

To give a rundown I had two Thanksgivings and three Christmases, one of which was hosted at our house. Two major first time projects: my sisters wedding veil and my first crochet design. One drunken haircut. Then the wedding rehearsal and actual wedding all at my house. All in about 8 weeks.

I feel like this sounds like complaining, and on some level it is. I am worn out. But I am also thankful for the opportunities I’ve had. I have grown as a crochet designer and a crafter. I got to give my husband the best gift I’ve ever presented in our 10 year relationship. I got to challenge myself for the first time in years. A podcaster I follow always says chose the hard thing and challenge yourself. That can be hard in my current life and I savor the chance to be better than I was last year. And finally I am so thankful that this all culminated in getting to watch my little sister walk out of my front door to the isle where she got to marry a wonderful example of a man.

I like to think about what I want to be doing when I am 60 years old. It give me something to look forward to. One thing I know I want, without a doubt, is to have a property that I have spent years developing that is so beautiful people want to get married on it. I remember looking around at my current property, knowing it isn’t my forever home, and wishing I could have just one wedding here. One day I prayed that somehow we could bless someone with this property. Not only did I get my prayers answered, but it was done through my sister. How awesome is that?

Now it is over, but somehow it isn’t stopping. While I am taking down the Christmas decorations I am planning my youngest daughters 1st birthday. Then I need to do a January purge of my whole home. Then I am shifting slowly into preschool prep. And I am changing the… style(?) of our home. Not just in looks, but in execution. No more purposeless crap. Less plastic. No more settling for mass produced items that will only break down way too soon. I don’t know what to call it.

All I do know is that my website is aptly named. And I have things to do.

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