2021 Resolutions

I have so many things I want to go over before this month gets too far along! But I also don’t want to post too much and be annoying. Buuuttt…… I like to talk. So. You’re stuck with me running my mouth. Deal with it. At least this format is edited rather than the in-person version.

Today’s topic: New Years Resolutions

Yes, the same ones I talked about on Instagram. But this version is cooler because I have a graphic.

Here they are. Aren’t they beautiful? I’m proud. I will be totally honest. Today is the 11th and I have not yet spent less than 4 hours a day on my phone. I can’t help it. I talk to a lot of people. I have *many* social media accounts. It’s a problem. Lol. But I am always straining ahead which means that ever day I get up and start off with the goal of less phone time. I am getting there.

I have become a NYR person over the last few years and honestly I love doing it. I don’t wait for the new year to address things in my life that need changing. I actually start prepping for my new year goals around my birthday in October. I look at what I did that whole year and where I was mentally and emotionally at the beginning of that year and see if anything has changed. Then, I start thinking about what I can do to make myself better the next year and how I can go about that. Its fun.

If you’ll notice, there is nothing on here about exercising more or drinking more water. These are all things I care about. They aren’t low hanging fruit that I reach for on December 31st when I am feeling lame about how my last year has been.

If you haven’t made goals for 2021 or you just chose something you go with every year to say that you did it, I want to encourage you to take the rest of the month of January to assess yourself. Honestly think about who you are and who you want to be. Ask yourself what steps you would have to take to get there. Then articulate those steps clearly and specifically.

The last step in all this is to have some accountability. Share your goals. Put it out there. Know that I am preaching to the choir here because I do not like asking for help or telling people what I am up to in the event that I fail. Because then they will know that I am a failure and not actually perfect even though I *really* what to be. (#prefectionistproblems)

That’s it. For the rest of this month I will be talking like blind optimist about all the things I want to do this year. No clue where we are going in February so it should be fun. Also be on the look out for this months freebie this week and later this month I’ll be releasing my Douthat pattern for sale on Ravelry and Etsy.

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