I don’t Know What I’m Doing

Is it bad that I am only a month into this and don’t know what to write anymore? Lolz. The difference between this and Instagram is that I had established myself with my audience and that platform. I knew what my people would like to see and could easily throw it together without a second thought – most days. My Instagram was more like a personal, almost daily blog where I could talk about the things we were doing in our lives. But the random, overhead shots of my work could do most of the talking for me. While I plan on doing that here to some extent, I don’t feel like it can be exactly the same. Of course there will be crochet, but I am not solely a crochet blogger. I am also a homesteader and homemaker. But it’s January and there is snow on the ground so… not much homesteading going on right now. Therefore, I need to know from you. What do you want to see? Do you, sweet reader, want to see my daily life with 2 under 3?

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