A Dress For A Poppy Seed

If I am completely honest, the only holiday I truly get excited for is Christmas. It’s the music, the lights, the gift giving. But maybe a distant second could be Easter because for the last three years I have been crocheting Easter cardigans for my girls. Just one for Lydia Mae the first year, and both the girls the second year. Then this year I decided to mix it up and make a dress instead. I picked out this super cute pattern from Babes in The Wool Designs on Etsy. The pattern is called The Elliot Dress.

I was a little behind the eight ball though and got my pattern and supplies too late. So I only made one dress in time for Easter, but I am pretty thrilled with it.

Now if you notice, the dress seems pretty large. Well, we call Fiona Rose “Poppy Seed” for a reason. She is tiny. At 14 months old she still fits 9-12 months and 12month clothing. However, the size I chose from the pattern was 6-12 months. I don’t know if my gauge was that far off or what, but I do know that I may already have something for her to wear next Easter. Lol.

This year was particularly magical because Lydia is finally at a point where she is starting to understand the message of Christ and salvation. Since I am still new to this whole parenting thing its been a challenge for me to know how to share Christ with her in a way she’ll understand. I’ve been sticking to just keeping God part of our daily lives and conversations. But I feel like she really got the message on Easter Sunday. After we left church and were on the long drive to my in-law’s house Lydia Mae kept saying to me “Mommy, let me tell you something.” And then she would go on a reiteration of how Jesus died and then came back to life.

It was special for two different reasons. The first being that it was clear she understood that Jesus went to the cross and rose again – though she hasn’t quite grasped why he went. But the second reason why her going on and on was so special to me was that she was trying to have a conversation with me. If conversating could be a love language it would be mine. And for as much as I talk I feel like one of my biggest struggles as a parent is in communicating with a tiny child. I mean, honestly though, who can truly talk to them? They hear half of what you say and then say “hippopotamus” in return. These little, half-people make no sense and then the poor things get frustrated when we don’t understand them. I am sorry kid.

(Side note: as an example of the communication skills of a 3 year old let me share this with you. For Fiona’s birthday I asked Lydia what she wanted to say in her birthday card. Her quote was as follows: “Happy strawberry. I like to say bucket.”)

I will be completing Lydia Mae’s dress next – I will not allow all that yarn to go to waste. I’ll share some pictures of them together and we can all just pretend it’s from Easter.

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