Here we Go again

Hey good looking, did you miss me? I missed you. Guess what. I’m back. Woot! Maybe not full time, but we’ll see. I really want to keep at least one of my new years resolutions which was to write 36 blog posts this year. I’ve written 30 so far and I am so close to the finish line. And I miss writing. I love writing. When I dropped out of college, I said I was going to be a writer. I wanted to write fiction (still do). So here I am. And I have not been idle despite this summer being a doozy.

Aside from my own health issues I lost my grandfather in July. It was very sudden and quick. Until the week before he seemed totally fine. It was a sort of grace that it happened so quickly even though it was a shock.

I completely let my garden go while I was recovering from insomnia. Another season that did not even come close to what I hoped, but whatever. Though I am discouraged now I am sure that come January I will be itching for some seeds and soil. Sadly I didn’t get a single pickle out of the garden this year. I made some mimosa jelly a few weeks ago and I feel like that’s all I’m going to get. However, I have a better idea of what I need to grow next year to guarantee enough harvest to put away.

The summer hasn’t been a total bust though. I got a new (to me) camera. A Cannon Rebel. It’s beautiful. The photos are beautiful. I would like to call myself a photographer now, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to. I am sure there are some rules on the matter. Here are a few of my snaps.

July, 2021
July, 2021
July, 2021
July, 2021 (David took this one)
July, 2021
July, 2021

And this one is so far my favorite. There is not an ounce of editing in this photo. It is so perfect, the color, the mood, this is the sort of picture I see in my head when I think of what I would like to produce if I were a professional. Dark, moody, and still colorful.

August, 2021

This one is a favorite. I know I just said that. Maybe I can’t choose. Choosing between flowers and my youngest is very close. Fiona is such a sweet little ham.

July, 2021

So there you have a decent look at the last month of my life. It’s been an experience. Maybe sometime I’ll try to put it into words. The only thing I can clearly say about this summer is it’s been an introspective season with a lot of forced quietness. Not my favorite thing, but I think it’s important to learn the lesson the first time around. I am trying to get everything out of it that I can.

Anyway! I am on to more ventures and projects! I am looking forward to the fall and winter for time to crank out a ton of crochet and plan for next years work – who knows what it will bring.

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