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Here we Go again

Hey good looking, did you miss me? I missed you. Guess what. I’m back. Woot! Maybe not full time, but we’ll see. I really want to keep at least one of my new years resolutions which was to write 36 blog posts this year. I’ve written 30 so far and I am so close to…

A Title More Creative Than “Update”

What’s shaking? Did you miss me? Don’t get too excited, I’m just popping in for a moment. I’ve missed writing so I thought I would share with you all about what’s been going on in the last few months. After I stopped writing my plate was a little less full, but for some reason I…

How to Do All the Things, Properly

A few months ago, I had a short series about how I do all the stuff that I do. It was probably my favorite piece to write because planning and organizing my day is one of my favorite things ever. Since then, I have been learning a lesson about how many things I can fit…

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