Crochet Designer, Hobby Farmer, Home Educator, Herbalist

My name is Sarah Mae and I have been pursuing the homemaker lifestyle since getting married in 2012. Crochet came first – 22 years old, newly married, broke. I was looking for any way to save a few pennies during one grocery trip when I realized a skein of Sugar and Cream yarn and a crochet hook were cheaper than a pack of sponges.  .38 cents savings? Yes please. I bought the skein that would match my kitchen and that night, after 4 hours of focusing and gritting my teeth, I churned out one, loosely stitched, messy looking dishrag. I was hooked (lol). I quickly moved on to scarves, shawls, blankets, and a few amigurumi pieces for my children. Seven years later the first thing I designed was this little blue squid for my youngest daughter. My husband had been encouraging me to make my own patterns for years and I can honestly say I wish I listened to him sooner.

A couple years after getting married I knew I wanted to further my education, but also that I wanted something that would directly benefit my family. I can’t remember what planted the idea, but I heard about herbal medicine somewhere along the road. Even though I didn’t know Echinacea from Elecampane I knew I wanted to study herbalism. In nothing short of an answer to prayer, I learned about a school that taught Christian herbalism and got a job at a local herb shop. Three months after my first daughter was born I completed the course and became a Master Herbalist. Being able to use and apply this for my family has been a blessing more than once.

Before crochet and herbalism, was gardening. My family didn’t have a garden while I was growing up, but my grandparents who lived in a different state did. The most beneficial thing I ever gained from them was my first experience with homegrown tomatoes. They were had with nachos. I still remember what it felt like to taste a flavor that I’d had before yet still experience something totally new. Later when I lived with my grandparents I got to help raise a large garden. The cantaloupe was so sweet, the tomatoes and jalapeños were so flavorful, the lima beans and string beans made me love vegetables for the first time ever. (I was a very picky eater growing up.) I determined that I would have my own garden one day. Finally, at the end of 2018 my husband and I bought our first property. I stick to the title of hobby farmer because I just don’t feel qualified enough to call myself a homesteader. I mean we don’t even have chickens yet. (As of 2020) Currently we are still developing our garden beds and flower beds, but I did get a couple watermelons this summer so I’ll take it. I plan on eventually leveling up to homesteader.

The beginning that I think set in motion my propensity towards this lifestyle was being homeschooled. My husband and I were both homeschooled and knew without a doubt that we wanted to homeschool our children. Knowing this from the beginning has given me a lot of time to research, study and prepare for the day when we “start” our homeschool journey. My time researching and my own experience have taught me that there is no “start day” when you make your life about education and learning. From day one we are on a mission to educate our girls and expose them to a lifestyle of learning. Right now it looks like nature walks on one day and Curious George before naptime on other days. What being homeschooled taught me, that I hope I convey to my girls, is that is not multiple choice, it’s fill in the blank. They don’t have to choose from preset options and are allowed to grow in their interests and follow whatever God’s call on their life may be.

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